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About Us

GAC Community Pharmacy has been serving the community of Canton, MS, since 1992. Our 340B Drug Pricing Program (340B program) provides discounts on outpatient prescription drugs to select safety net providers, like Federally Qualified Health Centers, which include centers receiving grant funds under Section 330 of the Public Health Service (PHS) Act and look-a-like health centers.

This program promotes: 1) access to affordable medications, 2) efficient business practices, 3) outcomes-driven pharmacy services and 4) quality assurance. The intent of the program is to permit covered entities “to stretch scarce Federal resources as far as possible, reaching more eligible patients and providing more comprehensive services.”

The GAC Community Pharmacy is a bilingual facility, located within the G.A. Carmichael Family Health Center. We offer direct access to physicians, as well as disease state management. Come see us today.

Our Staff

Dr. LeCory Miller

  • PharmD
  • Texas Southern University

Dr. Cedric Torrey

  • PharmD
  • Xavier University

Jackie Martin

  • Pharmacy Tech
  • 14 Years Experience

Cardean Luckett

  • Pharmacy Tech
  • 26 Years Experience